Thank you, my fren....


Recently i joined a make-up contest organised by KATE Malaysia. This contest is called "KATE新缪斯女神「木村KAELA」彩妆模仿大赛 KATE NEW MUSE "KAELA KIMURA" Makeup Contest" where i just need to do a make up using KATE cosmetic, take my picture and send it to KATE Malaysia. Then they will upload the picture and let the public vote for it.

First, let's c the picture i sent to them:

ok. I know its not so nice. I'm sucks in camwhoring,and becoz of this reason, i need to use my iphone front camera to take this picture. so turn up the quality of this picture also not so clear and blah blah blah....
So actually this is not my perfect entry for this contest. sobs.

Anyway something happened after the day Kate Malaysia uploaded my picture and tagged me. Someone whom i dunno who he is (i suspect he is the supporter of one of the participant)commented "不美不美" (Not nice, not pretty, smth like that) on my picture. OMG, this really bother me for the past 2 days. I keep thinking "am i that ugly in that pic??!!" and some other negative thought like "maybe i shouldnt join this contest, pai seh nia" and etc.

So today i told my fren, YT about this. She immediately went and commented under that fellow "sour grape" and comfort me...*So touched*...really....
Here i really wanna thank her by writing this post : Thank you, my fren.
Although this is just a small matter, but i;m emo over this matter.haha stupid me.

ok, after the thank you session, here comes the ad:
If you guys think my entry is worth ur vote, can please vote for me ar?? Here is the link:!/photo.php?fbid=479950953959&set=a.479950758959.264990.115395508959
( i dont think i can win already, ppl got so many votes, but at least not the bottom 1 la...haha)

ok. Many many thanx to those who votes me. Really. Thank you very muchi!

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