Review: Liese Bubble Hair Colour


My New Hair Colour - Ash Brown

This time i wanna share a good product, Liese Bubble Hair Colour by Kao Corp. I know it's been a while that Liese Bubble Hair Colour in market, and i havent got the chance to try it, simply becoz i'm busy recently and its new item, so there is no discount when Watsons having sales earlier on..XDXD.

Anyway, i tried this last saturday. Before i start,please see my "2-layer hair" as below:

My last hair colour was in early July. It is very obvious that there are 2 colours.

I have a wedding dinner to attend on that day, and i think that i can settle this within 1-2 hours, so after my yoga class on saturday, i quickly run to Watson and grab it, it cost me RM37.80. This time i chose colour "Ash Brown".

Like any other DIY hair colour, the packaging contains 2 solutions to mix with, a packet of after-dye lock in conditioner, a pair of glove and manual in 3 languages. And unlike other DIY hair colour which requires some skills to make sure you comb the entire hair before it drys out, this Liese Bubble Hair Colour very easy to do your own hair colouring!

The simple steps are as follow:
1) Mix the Solution 1 with Solution 2.
2) Squeeze the bottle to dispense foam
3) Apply the foam to hair directly
4) Massage the hair until the roots
5) After the foam covered the hair completely, just wait for 30 mins. ( i waited for 45 mins becoz i kiasu + forgot the time while concentrate in watching TV. xdxd)

Straight away jump to waiting period as its hard to take pic while u busy "playing" and ur hand full with the foam / bubble!

So after washing and applying the leave on conditioner, here is the outcome, tadah!

The result was not too bad. You can see a bit greenish in between. As my previous colour was too bright, the new colour turn out to be a lighter ash colour also. I love this color! What do you think?


  1. Hmm... should I try this at home???

    I am tempted to but I have been keeping my black hair for a long time!

  2. YT: It's fun to play with the foam! xdxd.they got many colours la. go pick la.