Lancome Teint Miracle Roadshow Event Experience


"I was supposed to share this last week, but due to the heavy workload i totally dont have time to update my blog..."

Found out the latest foundation from Lancome called "Lancome Teint Miracle" from a local blogger, she and her frens were invited by Lancome Malaysia to experience the new product during their roadshow event in Mid Valley. During the roadshow event, we will have chance to try on this new foundation with a mini make-up and take back a 7-day supply of sample. Wohoo! Besides, we can capture our before-and-after picture, post it in facebook and join the contest (The prize will be the RM130 worth Lancome Teint Miracle!).Here is the details:

So i went and wanted to try out the product. I din expect such a simple sampling also can be so dramatic. (*shy*). I told the SA that i wanted to try the foundation, so that i can take a before-and-after picture and join the facebook contest. One of the SA took my picture and i was served by a make-up artist (Joey). She straight away applied the foundation on me, and followed by a touch-up on my eyebrow. So my mini makeover session consider done! After taking my "after" picture, she asked me would i like to have a skin analysis? i said yes coz i'm not rushing at that time. She asked me to wait for a while coz there was 1 lady doing the skin analysis, so i need to queue for my turn. Mana tau waited for 15-20 minutes, the lady still havent finish and apparently there was only one SA that able to do skin analysis. I decided not to wait anymore and just go off.

When i bek home, i checked out the post again, then only i realised my experience was totally different with theirs! Check out the posts here :
1)Tammy-My Lancome Teint Miracle Experience
2)Fatin - Lancome New Teint Miracle
3)Doroshi -Lancome Teint Miracle
Spot the difference? If you lazy to read the posts, let me just point out some:
1) 1st they were being "pampered" with Lancome skincare products, such as Express Cleansing Water, Genifique Youth Activator, Soothing Anti-Stress Moisturizing Cream Fluid, Eye Contour Gel Cream , UV Expert Make Up base and Teint Miracle. (i'm not sure whether this step is exclusively for the invited bloggers only)
2) After apply the foundation, their mini make up are come with some simple touch-up such as blusher, lip gloss and some with mascara ( mine just eye-brow, i wonder is it my skin really look so glowing after applying the foundation, so the make-up artist feel that just need to touch up on my eyebrow only??? i dunno...)
3) The bloggers mentioned we can redeem a 7-supply sample after we try the mini makeover (The SA din say anything about it and of course i just walk away after waited my turn for skin analysis for so long..........)

Here is my Before and After pic:


After apply Lancome Teint Miracle + Touch up on eyebrow

Next day, i posted my opinion and comment about their services during this roadshow event in Lancome Malaysia's facebook.  After my comment, other gals also start comment about the same issue too. Apparently there are some other gals who also experienced the same. Lancome Malaysia responded and asked me to redeem my 7-day supply sample in Metrojaya Lancome counter. 

This time i was served by the counter manager, Lilian. She was  very nice and friendly. After i redeem my Teint Mirable sample, I asked a lot of question regarding Lancome skincare and she explained all the products patiently. And yet, she gave me some samples of Genifique (their star product) and UV expert sunblock to try. That was a very good experience where i get to consult the right concept regarding my skin and yet i have a chance to try on the star product before i buy the actual size item.

So, end of the story. I will share the my opinion of Lancome Teint Miracle foundation in next post. C U!

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