Review: Lancome Teint Miracle


Here comes my review on this Lancome Teint Miracle!

This is the product description extracted from USA Lancome website:
"Light emanates from the most beautiful skin. We can reproduce it.
With Aura-Inside™ technology, Lancôme invents its 1st foundation that recreates the true natural light of perfect skin.
Instantly, complexion appears lit-from-within, beautifully bare, visibly flawless.
10 years of research, 7 international patents pending.
A lightweight texture enriched with soothing rose extract, for 18 hours of hydration.
Suitable for sensitive skin.
Oil-free. Non-comedogenic. Dermatologist-tested.
SPF 15 Sunscreen."

WOW! Sounds so geng! Let's try!

Sample size 5ml - 7-day supply. My color tone is B0-01, after tested on my face.

Just after showered, nothing on face. (a bit pale)

After applying skincare to moisture the skin, and preparing to apply foundation / makeup

Let's see the texture:

Oops! i think i squeezed too much of it! As u can see here, its water-based and contains ingredients that can keep the skin hydrated for 18 hours! Wow!

I applied half face 1st, just to see the difference of before and after:

See it? The right side of my face shows even and more natural skin, compared to the left side of face which is a bit reddish and uneven skin tone. Surprisingly this water-based foundation managed to perform as a good concealer. (FYI,  i have some acne scars which are visible but not too serious)

After half face application, still got a lot of it! Basically just need a small amount then can cover my whole face already, which mean save $$ lor... LOL.

After applied Teint Miracle for whole face. Do you see the instant glow or Aura on my face?

Before and After (With and Without Lancome Teint Miracle)

Since i applied foundation already, so i completed the makeup with eye, blusher, mascara and lip. Let's see the before and after again:

I love this product! i think i will go for actual size after i finish my existing stock. hehe. FYI, this Lancome Teint Miracle 30ml is selling at RM130 each.


  1. nice! ur face redness is tone down and even out!!!

  2. yup! i like the water-based texture...Actually the half-face picture is more obvious rite? hehe

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